Pledge thermometer

So I’m new to web design and I’m trying to build a site with a pledge feature where users can track the progress of pledges with a ‘thermometer’ (like this: that automatically tallies the pledge level whenever a new site visitor contributes. I’m fairly grounded in HTML and CSS but I don’t know other programming languages. What would I need to learn to pull off this sort of functionality?

Thanks a bunch!

Hi there,

The link you gave is just a static image that someone must update on a semi-regular basis.

I haven’t had any experience in using any of these services but I know that online donation managing software certainly exists. Something like this might do you well: Chipin. I imagine that you want something easy that can be pretty bullet proof, safe, secure and easily embedded in an existing website. I’d spend some time looking at sites like these and reading up on them as there are a huge amount of charities out there. I’m sure others will ‘chip in’ with their ideas or services they have used personally.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one of the large mainstream services offer it as an addon like PayPal. You’ll probably find that there is a simple chunk of code you can drop in to your page and the rest is handled via a web interface.

Good luck.