Please where can I download workatdorknozzle.gif & getthenewsletter.gif images

Could anybody please tell me where to download those images? I want to use it in the practice example given in Build Your Own ASPNET 3.5 Web Site Using C# & VB text book. It’s referring to one archive but i don’t know how to get that. Thanks

Those images are included in the book’s Code Archive that you can get to from

@Mittineague, thanks so much. I downloaded the attachments and the page is now working fine. But I still can’t find the code archive. I bought the book already. In it there there were zip file which contains PDF version of the book, and these other 2 file type that I can not open & aspnet3.epub. I think perhaps they have the same content as the pdf. Are they the code archives? if they are, how do I open them? many thanks

oh sorry!! I found the link to the archive on the page. Thanks for helping me jump this hurdle!

I take it you found the .zip file OK.

The .mobi and .epub are other book formats for other readers. SitePoint “bundles” them now so if you ever get a new reader - eg. a mobile - you can read the book on that.