Please what file is this and where could I search for

I try to access on this manually, from the back end of Osclass you can ad a category…but i want to make those changes manually… what file is that? and where should I look for usually placed…

any help appreciated!!!


I’m not getting what your question is about.

As you already know: The form submit action says it will add the parameter “selection_1=73” to the url “” That script will then process the request and do someting.

There is no way, at least as far as I know , to externally acess the raw php script to see what that parameter stands for, it could be a file or could just be a command in the php script.

But as I said I think I don’t understand the question.

Ok, I try to explain…

imagine you develop for a page a menu with 3 names, example… boats - cars - planes and imagine each of them has the same drop down menu with 20 different things like … boat1, boat 2, boat3 …boat20.

The back end of the OSCLASS website has ad button so you can ad a menu item… i did that 20 times for “boats”

so it is a way to do the same 20 times for cars and 20 times for planes but this would take a lot of effort, instead you could find the code and copy the lines and pste them under cars and under planes… and even modify the text from boat1 to car1…

Ok, maybe I get it now. Thanks.

You would rather have a direct link to the selected page that is the result of the submit?

Have you tried replace the menu selection form with a list of links that is the same as what the form sends, the urls with the parameters it submits?

Or am I still missing the point?

all i want is to find the file where this is, modifying it is secondary, I really would like to learn where this goes and where you can find it… for example the “text” names of the list could be found only on the SQL generated from the php , just an imagination, I don’t know,… would be cool If someone with experience could give some light here to what is happening :slight_smile:

(reading all that other topics in the forum makes me feel like an Idiot anyway,… I should become a Gardener Instead ahahah"

Is it not a query that returns stuff to the action page and then it is displayed in that page as search results? In that case there is no file to find that holds the results, it is posts in the database that has the links to the results in the search.

Sorry I can’t be of much help, have not used the OSCLASS system. Guess it’s a little like Wordpress.

OT) That would be to start from the beginning all over again, takes years that too and still no pay check guarantee. And there is the nasty outside weather too.

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