Please tell me where I can post my contest

Hello & Happy New Year to All SP Members,

I am looking to post a fun, exciting contest for freelancers and consultants.
FYI: The winner will need some programming knowledge, but this is not a “programming contest” which tries to evaluate the quality of your code.

  • 99designs is wonderful for other purposes, but not the current answer.
  • The “looking to hire” section is also not exactly right.
  • I’m willing to pay for my “ad” but do not see a proper category.

Please, give advice.
Thank you.

It depends, is it done through your website (self-promotion) or is it just a contest which the source code could be posted (and results placed on this site), if so you could probably have a contest in the relevant languages forum but if there’s promotion involved then you would be best off contacting the SitePoint advertising people (there’s an advertise link at the base of this website). We have some CSS contests here, but their just for fun and not promotional. :slight_smile: