Please suggest


I am planning to revamping my entertainment portal

Currently the homepage is on html and other sections are on custom php scripts.

One of my friend suggested me to go for joomla or wordpress but I think html homepage loads faster than php page?

Please suggest me what’s best for a portal?


The technology you choose will not have enough of an effect on page load times to be recognized by any human user.
What has far more impact on page load times is the ‘weight’ of the page (the assets being loaded; namely large, dense images).

Currently, the Internet is a vast set of “pretty pictures”; a very visual experience. Users do expect to be pleased and WOWed by graphics and design.
Carefully, and skillfully meeting those expectations without unduly loading the connection between server and client is the key.

My response is more about the technology than about the question.

I personally can’t stand any of those things mentioned. They are like MS word and was suppose to make everything easy. With MS Word no one needed to know how to write English. The Secretaries and personal assistants were supposed to be obsolete.
Never happened.

Do yourself a favor and focus on Objective and future driven technologies.

I personally prefer PHP.