Please Suggest Perfect Domain Name

I’ve found a forum niche that I think will do very well and now I am working on finding the perfect domain name to go with it. I’m looking for suggestions of whether it should be something as follows, let’s just say the niche is Furby toys as an example:

I only want to buy one domain and it will be to discuss the niche item and maybe review products. looks more appropriate and attractive to me

Keeping in mind of course if it was indeed ‘Furby’, that anything containing the word ‘Furby’ would be in violation of their registered trademark.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I was just using Furby as an example, I am not a fan of them :slight_smile:

I registered a domain name using just acronym +, it’s about unmanned vehicles (drones), so I got [noparse]www.***[/noparse] and uploaded a PHPBB installation this morning, still busy customizing a few things. I will register *** aswell and simply point it.