Please suggest me how to make creative website

Hi everyone, My website is Redefinewebs .com I have done many things in my website but please suggest me which features add into my website which gives the look better my website because I want to add advance priorities in my website which beneficial for user and also user-friendly

That seems a very odd question, given that the site says

We create completely outstanding, awesome designs that works well with your brand and helps you to target more audience.

You seem to be suggesting that the site is making incorrect claims and you do not, in fact, know how to create a good, usable design.

For what it’s worth, my first two suggestions would be to ensure your site functions without JavaScript, and get rid of the annoying newsletter pop-up which appears before I’ve had a chance to look at your site or have any idea whether or not I’d want to subscribe.


1st: Please remove the useless visitor repellent “full-loading” crap covering the page. Or at least make it active with javascript so you don’t block visitors with javascript off. They wont bypass it just to look what to find, they just leave the place.

Edit) Beaten to the punch by @TechnoBear.


Actually, I want to know what we add more thing in website which is also beneficial for user and also for websites which help to give a advance look

Make sure the English is perfect, to begin with. I’m not going to trust a site that features poorly written sentences… I will click the X before I even see anything else!

Well, as @Erik_J and I have already said, it’s more a case of what you should take out.

My advice would be to stop concentrating on “an advanced look” and instead look to make the site lightweight, easy to navigate and user-friendly.

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