Please review my writing skills

Hey guys,
I am new here. from many days i am searching for some expert opinion on my writing skills as i am a new blogger it will be very helpful to me.
please review and give feedback.please don’t ignore

Hi @rajivupwork. Welcome to SitePoint.

I don’t want to seem harsh, but you need to really pay attention to detail when you are writing for an audience. Even in the question that you posted here, there are multiple grammatical and spelling errors. Check your punctuation, capitalizing of initial words in sentences, and the word ‘I’, run-on sentences etc.

Then I went to your blog and again there are errors in grammar and spelling. This will not create a good impression for your readers, especially when the topic of your blog post is “How to write a good blog post”.

What is your motive for writing this blog? Did you choose this subject because you wish to inform people, or because you want to have a blog that will earn some income? Either way, you really should get a friend or hire someone to proof-read your blog posts before you publish them.

Read a lot of top-quality blogs and take note of their grammar and spelling. The more you read proper writing, the better your writing will become.

Best of luck.


Unfortunately, too many bolds and too many grammatical errors. The bolding makes things hard to read. Tone that down and only bold sparingly.


thank you guys for your feedback

I did some editing with help of Grammarly. can you guys just check it out for last time.

I don’t think you’ll find that’s a service anyone on the forum can really offer, and it’s not going to be a long-term solution anyway.

Obviously, I can’t compare it with the previous version, but there are still grammatical and punctuation errors there. Without wishing to be rude, I would have to suggest that if you are relying on Grammarly to correct your English, then your language skills are probably not adequate for the task you have set yourself here.

You might find some of the courses and resources here helpful to improve your English:



The new version:

…isn’t much better than the version before:

I agree with @TechnoBear above.


It looks as if none of the grammatical errors have been fixed. As far as I can see it only swapped a few words for synonyms.
There is no substitute for proper manual proof reading by someone who knows the language.

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Additionally I wonder why:

The url showing on hovering the “Grammarly” link says it goes to another page on your site, but then you are redirecting to a short-url and then through another landing on the Grammarly site, without indicating that to the visitor.

IMHO that’s malicious and could make any visitor loose all faith in your site.


Grammar is a funny thing and despite being a native English speaker i still get it wrong. The more you do the better you will get. I’m not sure how good Grammarly is but as above you won’t be able to rely on it to cure all grammatical problems.

This is how i would re-write some of the sentences in your example. It’s still probably not perfect as i’m not a copywriter but hopefully others will agree it reads a bit better (happy to be corrected). I’ve changed a few bits to how i think i’d write it to make it a bit less demanding, which you may or may not like. Although this is more style than grammar so is quite subjective. HTH

Almost everybody makes grammatical errors and spelling mistakes while typing, especially non-native English speakers.

I’m sure we’ve all seen many blogs with dozens of grammatical errors.

This kind of error gives visitors a terrible impression, and is something that can, and should, be easily avoided.

Don’t worry if you aren’t the best when it comes to grammar. There are many tools which will help you handle this job.

One such tool is ‘Grammarly’. Many of you may be using it ,or aware of it, but for those who are not you should certainly give it a try.


I certainly make my fair share of errors. Typos, incorrect punctuation, tense, spelling, grammar, you name it.

But the way I proof-read is to pay attention to subtle “bumps” while I’m reading something. It’s difficult to explain, but I think it’s when my brain needs to subconsciously adjust the input so that it makes sense to what I think the text is trying to convey.

For example, when I read.
“Many of you may be using it ,or aware of it,”
I “felt a snag” between “or aware”
Subconsciously I had to process that to “or are aware” before the feeling subsided.


Yeah that sounds good in my head.

Edit - thinking about it i would perhaps even turn it around a bit.

Many of you may be aware of it, or even using it, but for those who are not you should certainly give it a try.

OP - Reading out loud often helps, or even pretending to read out loud in your head. That way you can see if the sentence goes on too long or the punctuation is wrong. Although i imagine this can be hard if you aren’t native english speaking.

Even the BBC gets it’s grammar wrong quite regularly.

I have only one remark, you need to use the complete phrase “blog post” only in the beginning, after that just refer to it as “post” or “the post”.

First let me say that I think I have used Grammarly and I don’t like it. Just in the home page it says “makes sure” and I think “ensures” would sound better.

So the following are my suggestions for your blog post. Some of them could be improved, such as instead of just saying “quickly” I would say something more but I am not sure what.

don’t do hence, they suffer for getting traffic
don’t do, hence they have less traffic

readers are not showing interest reading their post
readers are not showing interest in reading their post

how quality content you have
how good the content is that you have

if you had not done
if you have not done

in a very short period of starting

get demotivated
become unmotivated

because of very less or no traffic
due to little or no traffic

don’t lose faith focus
don’t lose faith, focus

But, what if you don’t have money to buy it.
But, what if you don’t have money to buy it?

There are some free tools available they are not so powerful as SEMRush, but they can help you in starting phase.
There are some free tools available; they are not as powerful as SEMRush but they can help you in the beginning.

When I had done writing a blog post, I go through it from to bottom again.
When I have finished writing a blog post, I go through it from top to bottom again.

And you know why I do so?
And do you know why?

and I, end up rephrase them
and I end up rephrasing them

I also add some more point in the post.
I also add more to the post.

So, this is the profit of proofreading.
So this is the benefit of proofreading.

after writing a long post we get exhausted.
after writing a long post we become exhausted.

Do it after taking a break with the fresh mind this will help you finding some errors. Re- phasing sentences and adding more points to the post.
Do it after taking a break with a fresh mind. That will help you find errors, improve sentences and add more points to the post.

That is as far as I got, it is about one-fourth of the article.

I have edited many hundreds (probably over a thousand) of articles written by people of India. They tend to use some words (such as concept, scenario and achieve) more than what people whose native language is English would. I don’t see much in your article that I often found in the articles written by the wonderful people of India. One thing is that I think people often say “which” (instead of that) much more than they should.

The following are articles I wrote that lists some of the words and phrases I often modified when I edited articles.

Most Misused Words And Phrases: Part 1

Most Misused Words And Phrases: Part 2

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