Please recommend codeless testing automation IDE

For web and mobile applications and not very expensive ?

I don’t know if you can really get away from totally codeless because usually you write a little logic to tell the test suite how to actually test something. In other words “Go here, click button with a class of ‘btn’ but only if it is green. etc.”

Having said that, have you tried Selenium IDE’s recording feature? It allows you to create a project, start a recording, have you click around on a site and it will record the steps to form the test. Once you are done, you stop the recording and it will have generated a complete test.

Now granted the tests might have a little coding logic at times, but if you are looking to automate a standard process and capture it as a test you can automate, this might be the ticket. It is a simple free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Here is the link to the get started page to show you how to get running.

Cyprus is a very popular modern test automation framework. Cyprus is built completely with JavaScript and runs directly in the browser without any special plugins in contrast to Selenium which requires special drivers.

Another less known alternative to Cyprus is TestCafe which works very similar.

This is something I have always found fascinating though have never used. Cyprus doesn’t really offer something as powerful as TestCafe for visually creating tests without code.

Although for most people I would recommend Cyprus I’m highly considering using TestCafe for my own personal project. I’ve used TestCafe in the past and have found it to be quality software and the visual recording benefits throws it over the top. Cyprus offers some visual recording features but not nearly as powerful as TestCafe. At least not the last time I looked.

Thanks to all

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