Please read my Review – they are awesome! 100% True Story!

Choosing WooServers is an absolute delight for us because they have lived up to our expectations. If I have to rate on reliability I would give 4 on a scale of 5. Sever uptime is 99.95 with very little downtime. Price is fabulous thereby controlling the expenditure. Window based server was my choice because website is created on .net technology. One of the difficulties I experienced was in the installation of website that took a long time because the server crashed due to my own misadventures while I was transferring the file through FTP. Tech staff helped in locating the errors very quickly enabling us to use the website in a seamless manner. Large disc capacity coupled with the window extensions has made the web site creation process easy and dynamic. Chat support is prompt which does not allow the network to fail frequently. Unlimited email accounts are the additional bonanzas which I got when purchased the subscription of WooServers. I was not entirely satisfied by earlier web hosting services and was captivated by blazing fast servers from woo. SATA hard disk offer fast data speed helping websites to load faster in to the browser. Discount at cheaper has induced me to host many more websites on the same domain. Installing the set up on sever is free and there are no hidden charges. If the power goes off in the area it is addressed by huge generators resulting in negligible downtime. I have been using the services for a very long time and completely agree with the view that the are the best in their category. I read the brochure and was quite amazed by the level of security staff offers to the servers. Network is secured and it is virtually impossible for the hackers to barge in to the servers to steal important data. They are equipped with routers and the switches at internet and data link layer respectively creating an effective firewall.