Please, look at design of my backend site

Could you, please, to make short design estimation of my backend site, say pages
and edit page by edit link

It is under credentials 111111

The thing is that I got a feedback from my client, who wants design and colors like at
It seems to me that font/colors of my site are better.
Actually I have difficulties reading content of pages at theboxme theme.

  1. How do you think?

  2. Can you give me some hints how to make design of my site looks like theboxme theme and if there is a sense for it?
    I am more php developer, some html/css features are difficult for me…
    and I have no expierence of working with such templates.

  3. What do you think about design of my site as a whole? If you see some errors/problems what must be fixed?


Sorry, but I’m a bit confused as to what you’re asking here.

You have linked to your own site which is, as you say, the backend admin area, rather than the public-facing pages. Then you link to another (front-end) site your client likes and ask how you can make yours more like that. You don’t seem to be comparing like with like in any way.

Are you asking how to code the front-end for your site, or are you just asking whether / how to change the colour scheme and / or fonts for your backend?

I mean

  1. Do you think my design is better (for reading) in comparison with theboxme theme, as I suppose. I understand that it depends on tastes, but anyway…
    I mean I dislike grey colors of texts, which seems difficult to read for me…
  2. How to change the color scheme / fonts for my backend? Some practical advices…
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I agree. The pales greys on that page have insufficient contrast with the white background and will cause real problems for anyone with visual difficulties. You can use a dark grey for more contrast, if black on white seems too stark. Test your colour choices to ensure good contrast.

(That will also give you actual measurements you can show to your client to demonstrate why pale grey is a bad choice, rather than it sounding simply like a matter of opinion. smile)


I applied some changes to my site trying to implement colors of theboxme theme.
could you, please, to take a look say at data listing
and editor by link?


It looks OK to me, in terms of being clearly legible.

Was there a specific issue you wanted help with?

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