Please help

I’ve desgin a page by using photoshop.
Then I started to apply it in html5 & css.
The header was perfectly done.
But my problem was on how to insert a gallery to the page.
But I don’t know how to add it???
Could anyone help me
Thank you

Hi there tulip-flower,

And welcome to the forums!

It is not too hard to insert a picture gallery into a web page.
It is typically done with JavaScript / jQuery.

Galleria is a good choice:
It is well documented and very flexible / configurable.

Here are a few other gallery plugins (with demos) for you to look at:

If you prefer a pure CSS solution, check this out:

If you have any trouble with the implementation, just let us know.


you can this one : it’s well explained and easy to implement…

Isn’t that just using Galleria, which Pullo already recommended?

I decide to use a jQuery for gallery.
how can I do that. I use <iframe> .
I don’t know if it a proper way or not.
I guess that it may not be a proper one because the gallery itself should be in other html page in this case.
Your advise please…
Thank you

It would (most probably) be technically possible to use an iframe.
Why don’t you download Galleria, have a play with the demo and let us know when you have a specific question.
Good luck!