Please help with W3C validation erros


I have been validating my website but I have just come across a couple of warning and errors that I don’t know how to fix.

Can anyone help please

Here is the validation link



Hi all I have gone through and fixed all the errors that I can but there are 5 errors left and I have no idea even from the description they are giving what the problems are.

Can anyone help please?


Check out the Options on the validation page and check the boxes marked:

  1. Show Source
  2. Validate error pages
  3. Verbose Output
  4. Clean up Markup with HTML Tidy

Revalidate and your source will be shown with no errors and one warning. Google for the correct UTF-8 syntax to remove the warning.


The errors have some descriptions there.

1.img has no border attribute. Remove it and define a style for img like: border: 0px;

  1. invalid clear attribute: corect is style = “clear:left;”
  2. i can’t help you with role attribute. I guess is from a wordpress theme. I remove it when i validate my code but i’m not sure is healty

And so on… Read the description