Please help! Website not compatible in browsers


I need help. My website (powered by vbulletin) doesn’t look right in most browsers. I don’t know how to fix it. PleAse any help would be appreciated.

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I don’t know what your website is meant to look like, but if you remove the following declaration:

.yui-g .yui-u, .yui-g .yui-g, .yui-g .yui-gb, .yui-g .yui-gc, .yui-g .yui-gd, .yui-g .yui-ge, .yui-g .yui-gf {
  width: 49%;

from line 1416 in the file css.php, things will start to look a lot better.

thanks but i looked in all my css.php files and I dont have that code. Also, the code goes up to 200 or so…any ideas what i am missing???

By the way, my forum (when seen in Firefox) is very off. There should be three columns and each containing things; instead i have a middle column in the beginnning and then everything else is moved down. The side columns dont show right. This is what i am trying to fix

Pullo was right on target!!!

Line 86 on your html page contains this link to the style sheet:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css.php?styleid=10&amp;langid=1&amp;d=1350232450&amp;td=ltr&amp;sheet=widgets.css,vbcms.css,postbit-lite.css,postlist.css,lightbox.css,overlay.css,tagcloud.css," />

Lines 1410-1416 on that style sheet contains this code:

	.yui-g .yui-u,
	.yui-g .yui-g,
	.yui-g .yui-gb,
	.yui-g .yui-gc,
	.yui-g .yui-gd,
	.yui-g .yui-ge,
	.yui-g .yui-gf {width:49%;}

Delete or disable {width:49%;}