Please help to pass multiple values at multiple times

hello everyone,
i m working on project in that the key concept is to transfer water from one location to other location. first of all we have many system, sub-system, units, and tanks. here i domenstrate the condition of this plant.
Tank format:- UNIT - Tank_No. - TK - Sl_No.
I. 1-7313-TK-1
II. 1-7313-TK-2
III. 1-7313-TK-3
IV. 2-7313-TK-1
V. 2-7313-TK-2
VI. 2-7313-TK-3
Similar Tanks with different name.

here system, sub-system, unit decides the location of tanks. it not necessary that SYSTEM B should have similar sub-system, unit and tanks. it can vary.

i want to move water from one system tank to other system tank. before draining water from tank. i wil first take the reading like Initial_Level, Final_Level, Total_Qty., etc and put those reading into to database using textboxes. Similarly i wil perform this operation at destination tanks.

now the problem is if i want to move water from multiple source tanks to multiple destination tanks. i don’t know how to perform this task.

can anyone help please?

Are humans involved in these decisions, if so, to what degree, and how do you see their GUI looking/behaving roughly speaking?

From the description, it sounds like he wants to update his transfer transaction form such that he can affect more than one transfer at a time. Such as a form with duplicated sets of textboxes, with indexed name attributes? OP: let me know if this sounds right. If so, we can instruct you better with an example of your current form.

ya humans involved in these decisions like from which tank to send the water to which tank as destination. n also suppose we r transfering water to tank which 80% filled and we r transfering the water more than the capacity of tat particular tank. in tat case the person wil decide which is the next tank to fill. n also it depends on the person to tak the readings, he has to take the readings correctly.

@ serenarules;
u r right. u sounds the correct wat i mean.