Please help, the website vibrates and the maker denies

I bought a theme from Yithemes. On my PC the website vibrates and flashes. Their demo vibrates too. I asked them a few times to solve the problem and each time they say they see no vibration. The only website that vibrates on my PC is that of Yithemes.

Go to their demo:

Refresh the site a few times and Watch to the main navigation that flickers.

Or go to “shorcodes” and click on some elements of the subnavigation (shortcodes) and look at the main navigation that vibrates.
My pc resolution: 1920x1080

Please help, no one likes vibrating websites.

I fllowed your instructions and didn’t get any vibration. Have you restarted your computer? Sometimes they get a bit loopy. If it still happens, what browser are you using?

Hi Mazigh, welcome to the forums

I don’t know what you mean by “vibrates” and “flashes”
What I see are javascript populated nav links changing from
Home Shop Pages Shortcodes
Home v Shop v Pages v Shortcodes v

Way too many javascript and CSS files for me to be of any help, but hopefully someone here can help or you’ll at least know what to tell the theme authors.

> Have you restarted your computer?
Yes and many times.

The website flickers on Firefox, IE en Chrome.

Mazigh, welcome to the forums.

What PC are you using and what browser (If IE, what version) are you using?

Please explain what the words “vibrates” and “flashes” mean in your description. I do not see anything flashing, nor do I see or feel anything vibrating or shaking rapidly. At this moment, I don’t see a problem other than the simple fact that the site is very image heavy and takes several seconds to load. The loading time incurs various delays as objects are being rendered, but you did not mention delays. So would you mind restating the problem and giving more information about your PC?


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Thanks, I do see that now. That’s a jpg doing it’s “progressive” thing. Other than using a better optimized image I don’t know how to avoid that. I’m interested to learn what approach others might suggest.

There is also a position shift that can hopefully be resolved with CSS changes.

See the pictures above

IMO, both of the issues shown are the result of the order in which the page loads, the size of the content, plus the multitude of scripts involved. Everything takes time. Neither of these issues are CSS problems. They are the result of the design of the “theme”. It’s “heavy”. Bloatware takes time to load.

I would advise Mazigh to take the issues back to the author of the theme with his example images and an improved description of the issues and hope for a fix perhaps by preloading more of the content before rendering the page.

Perhaps this has to do with Javascript that is not loading fast.

The first navigation:

Home Shop Pages Shortcodes

‘^’ The icon is loaded and it becomes:

Home Shop ^ Pages^ Shortcodes

The distance between two elements in the navigation is recalculated and becomes bigger. therefore vibrates the navigation.

This is the answer from the author:

I’m sorry, but I don’t see problems in our demo

If you go to the page with javascript turned off you will still see the “progressive” but the javascript caused position shifting is gone.

I agree with ronpat. Essentially you have two choices
Try to call the referenced files differently so they load before the page is rendered - a delay in initial page display
Load the page as is - accept the rendering shifts
It depends on what’s more important to you, a slower initial page load that renders well or a faster initial page load that has rendering shift.

And yes, there is a lot of “bloat”, you can do the best you can to reduce file sizes and it should help
eg. optimize images, minify javascript and CSS files, reduce HTTP GETs
But in the end you can’t expect an extremely heavy page to load fast perfectly.