Please Help Something went wrong - My site get penalized by Google i guess?


Actually i was getting 400 to 500 keywords and nearly thousand visitors everyday just from google. Today zero no keywords no visitors. This is my site [noparse][/noparse] . in fact all the site which are in the same server experiencing the same problem today. Server was not down visitors came from other sources but no one from google. Please please help.

It’s just possible that you’ve been hit by the latest algorithm update. I’ve just taken a quick glance at your site, and I don’t see much in the way of indexable content. There are lots of pictures, but all the reviews I tried to access just said “Coming soon”.

Since the problem only arose today, I’d suggest you wait a few days before taking action. After that, you could consider filing a reconsideration request. See here for information about how to do that:

One other point: What do you mean when you say you were “getting 400 to 500 keywords”? A website doesn’t “get” keywords.


400 to 500 Keywords means - around 1000 visitors were visiting my site by using search terms like HTC one x unboxing something like that. Dear Mike is it possible for you to make your self free for sometime and check an article and tell me. what are the things i should avoid. all the articles are in the same format. if you tell problems in one article all my problems will be solved. Please please help.

Another case of mis information for themselves and dis information for the members. Sir I’m also confused against your 400-500 ratio - what is it? K E Y W O R D S —? or hits --?

These algo updates strike and then settle down after a week or a month. So wait for a while. If nothing changes then you better change your SEO agency!

You can be penalized by Google for over optimization. It was one of the more recent updates. SEO and Google algorithms change so quickly that it is almost impossible to keep up with it. But, one option is to keep an eye on the Google blog and you can at least know what is being updated and released that way.

I don’t think that’s actually hit yet has it? It was announced informally and the time frame was weeks or months.

Doing a site:yourdomain search in Google brings up a long list of results, so your site seems to be indexed OK. I can’t visit the site itself because all I can get is

Site is down for maintanance . we will be back in 24 Hours. Thank you
If this is a frequent problem, that might explain why you’re dropping in Google’s rankings.

May be your website is affected with recent Google panda algorithm, when I’m review about your website its wont appear any content on your website. now Google give more importance for content.

If you website is added with Google webmaster tool then analyze, if your website is affected with anything spam surely you will received from Google spam team.

I think google had updated new algorithm because of that this happen’t

i think you’ve been penalized by google. were you using any blackhat seo methods?

You’re targeting highly-competitive keywords, so you have an uphill struggle here to begin with. You may have enjoyed a brief “honeymoon” period when your site was new, but now you are losing out to longer-established sites with better content. Your website is only a few months old, and as Mikl mentioned, has very little text on it for Google to index. In addition, you don’t seem to have a <meta> description on any page. Google will use the text from the page or the description to display in its results; if you don’t have either, how to you expect to be ranked?