Please help save my daughter's life

Hey guys. I’ve been floating around here for a while and never really ask much, but this time, I am asking for your help.

Rett Syndrome is taking my girl away from me, and she needs the cure available to her that has already been found to work in mice, but not yet FDA approved for humans yet. Rett Syndrome is considered the most severe form of autism in girls which usually kills boys in the Mother’s womb because of how it is genetically caused. The only thing in the way of a cure is more funding and this is where Pepsi and you are stepping up.

We need at least a 2nd or 1st place spot to get the 250k Pepsi will give our researchers for a cure for Rett Syndrome which my daughter has and is a very life threatening condition. Her and over 30,000 other girls in the US are fighting for their lives while researchers find new ways to help them. Successful treatments have been found indeed, but it is expensive to get through the FDA approval process for approving the drugs that help.

Please help us by voting daily through September 30th. Every single vote counts as we saw last month when we lost by literally just a few votes and ended in 3rd at the very last 30 minutes of voting.

If you would like to help, please do so by taking 5 seconds of your life to vote which could mean changing my daughter’s entire life.

Vote here

Fast vote here:

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Or text vote here:
Text* 100842 to
Pepsi (73774)
*Standard text messaging rates apply.

and in case you’re wondering if this is real, I assure you that every day I wake up to check on my 4 year old daughter, thanking God she is still alive.

People in life often think they have problems, but as long as your children are okay, there are no real problems in this world.

Thanks everyone.

I was thrilled to learn the outcome of September’s vote.
I hope the best for your daughter and all those in need of a cure.

just pray and trust your self

Hoorah! Pepsi has confirmed that Rett syndrome finished FIRST in the September voting for the $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant! THANK YOU! This dream could not have become a reality for The International Rett Syndrome Foundation without the incredible help of you. You voted for us daily, and many of you were also instrumental in encouraging others to vote.

Every penny of this grant will go towards research. Just as meaningful, if not more, the winning of this Pepsi Refresh Grant has ignited a sense of HOPE and ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT of our Rett syndrome community at a level never experienced before! The passion, the perseverance and the incredible heroic efforts of our families and friends was unprecedented and contagious these past four months that we have been in the running.

From the bottom of this Father’s heart,

Great. So now we have to wait until October 23th to know for sure, right?

Yes there is a validation process that takes place. As all of us know here, fraud through proxies is a real issue. A few months ago we were fighting for the same spot and up against a bogus cause that locked down the number 1 spot nearly all month until it was discovered that he had multiple proxy votes from 2500 different emails each day.

Pepsi won’t just say, “Here’s your money”. The causes have to have legitimately earned them through a fair voting method.

But we are confident that our votes were fair as we had many many alliances established along with just your average voter.

On top of the 250k from Pepsi, we also have a private sponsor who is going to match the award to make it a total of a half million dollars. All this towards research for Rett Syndrome will certainly help. But the real award is the awareness, because in reality, it takes millions and millions of dollars to successfully research treatment options for diseases.

Done. I can’t begin to understand how scary it must be to be faced with the mortality of your own child. I hope this works out for you.


Some people don’t care, but I’m afraid that even more people have been cheated in the past and they don’t trust anyone anymore :frowning:

Too many fake sick kids. It is sad, but that’s just the way it is.

I will definitely do that.

Just pray and everything will be alright.

3 hours left. Please keep voting because the eleven o’clock news can change a lot for us if our competition below is get on like last month.

I’ve voted. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your daughter.

Congratulations! I hope that this research will indeed help your daughter :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand that. I am always Leary of helping people at times too when they ask. Simply because there are so many frauds out there.

To help ease people’s minds, you can look me up on facebook at:

Thanks for all the help.

I’d like to vote for it, but why I have to signin?
To help with charities is a good thing itself, but why pepsi do it in this way? I really can not understand!

15 minutes left. Get your final vote(s) in if you have not done so today.


Believe me, I pray a lot for her. But as the bible says, “prayer is nothing without works”

So here is me putting faith to work; by asking for your help by simply voting.

Rett Syndrome is very life threatening and I wish it on no one in life at all. No child should have to be struck with this disease or any other. Some people call it a severe form of autism, while others can be misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy, scoliosis, heart disease, lung disease, and many more. The fact is, it is all of these things combined. Rett Syndrome attacks the nervous system starting with the gene mutation of the mecp2, cdkl5, or the foxg1 gene(s).

That single bad gene that everyone needs to function properly causes all the bad things to happen. Thank God that money raised before in the past has gotten us to where we are today. Rett Syndrom was first noticed in the late 50’s to early 60’s. It was not known what caused it until 1999 and once that was discovered, researchers found a way to actually reverse this genetic disorder in mice in 2007.

Rett Syndrome is the first genetic disorder ever reversed in mice, and could be the first one reverse in humans.

In 2008, researchers found a safe way to “partially” reverse Rett Syndrome in humans. Here is that research:

In 2010, 10 lucky girls will be volunteered to participate in a clinical trial to see if the partial reversal that worked in mice, works in girls with Rett Syndrome too. If this works, 2 years from now or sooner, my daughter will have the same treatment option.

This is where the funding goes, this is how Pepsi is helping, and this is how you can get involved by simply casting a vote for our cause. It costs millions to research this stuff. The clinical trial alone will cost between 2 and 5 million dollars. So without money, no one gets saved.

Today is the last day we vote. At midnight, the voting will end and at 6am tomorrow, the winner will be announced.

Please vote now at:

If you have a cell phone text 100842 to Pepsi (73774)

Thanks for your vote. It means the world to me, and my daughter is my world.

Thanks for taking the time to do that.

Pepsi requires a sign in process to validate the vote to prevent cheating. I suppose they don’t want to give out 250k to the best cheater as we have almost seen in prior months when some ridiculous causes were casting mass proxy votes.

Either way though, I thank you for even taking the time to reply in this thread as it raised even a little awareness to the cause.

Thanks to everyone who can vote daily through the end of this month. (September)

Done. I even had to enter my details… something that I hate doing but I guess it is for a good cause.