PLEASE HELP: Problem with Feedburner plain text


I’ve followed the tutorial on this website to display my feedburner counter in plain text on my non-wordpress .php webpage.

However where the plain text numbers should be there are non. I have checked and ensured my server is running PHP 5, but still the numbers do not appear.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing or stopping the number from showing?

Ive read that Feedburner tends to output a “N/A” or a “0” if it fails to grab the stats/feed, but I dont even get that!

Any thoughts on what to do/where to troubleshoot next?

Im out of ideas :frowning:

Hi, thanks for your reply…

Ive put a test page with my code up here

The feedburner subscribers number should appear between the words “Join” and “Readers”, so when the number is present it would say like, Join our 100 Readers

the tutorial (linked in my first post) is commented, and ive put more comments around it and the echo where thenumber should appear too.

Hope this helps?

It’s impossible to tell what the problem could be without seeing any code and/or a live example. Just saying “it doesn’t work” doesn’t tell anyone anything.

You also have to learn to troubleshoot by yourself. Output things with echo, use var_dump and check the values of things each step of the way. For example, if you should be getting some data from feedburner, first of all check that the raw data has been received:


If that looks OK, then move onto the next step in the process and check that.

OK, but you still need to debug your PHP code. If the code from that tutorial (link gives me a DB error) isn’t working, you have to debug it, as I said in my previous post. Learn to var_dump or echo stuff out to understand what your code is doing.