Please help me

I dont know where to post my problem. So please forgive me if i have posted in wrong forum

I have a problem

I am using phpbb and trying to find the solution regarding


I was just wondering if that is possible to make the link inside

to be clickable link. I mean actual hyperlink.

Please help me

thank you

What do you mean… do you want to create a hyperlink inside some other bbcode?

Like a link inside a list of items?

If that’s the case, yes. I just did.

Else I’m not sure I understand your question

no no i just want to convert text into link inside

for eg:

here should be hyperlink not text

Automatically, you mean?

Then you’re not talking about bbcode, you’re talking about a modification to the forum’s code.

PHPBB have a whole forum set aside for finding these modifications; have you looked there?

I’m still confused. Do you want to use it here? Do you want to use it in another forum? Are you configuring your forum to accept BBCode?

To create a link in bbcode you need to use the tag like this [noparse]text that I want to show[/noparse]

But this to use bbCode in a forum like this. It also depends on the installation of the forum and the modifications done. In this forum, as example, you don’t need to use the BBCode tags to parse the url, it is done automatically. Of course, each forum has its own set of tips and tricks to deal with spam and there may be a scripts that will disable the link whether you use BBCode or not.

We use some of those scripts to flag suspicious posts which depending on the level of danger may be automatically moderated so people will not see. Some scripts disable the links and leave them as text.