Please help me to get Facebookfan page

Hi, friends i have problem with my Facebook fan page can anyone help me to get my old fan page here is my fan page <snip />

No need to drop a link to your facebook page.
You’d better describe the problems you’re having.

my problem is traffic low, how to have many fans?
Many thanks!

What are you doing to make it grow? What do you offer that people would want to follow you for?

I wrote articles about tourism and introduce to your friends

Content is a great place to start but doesn’t necessarily mean someone would want to follow you on Facebook. Does your business have much traffic to get people over to the page in the first place?

And at the same time, why do you want more followers on Facebook? What’s the purpose for them and you?

facebook is a social network so there will be many people know my company. sorry for bad english

Which language are you writing in on Facebook? If you’re writing in English, perhaps people are finding it a little hard to understand. It might be a good idea to get somebody to check over your articles before you publish them, to make sure the English is OK.