PLEASE HELP Full custom PHP Ecommerce site built should I just switch to Joomla?

I have a full PHP website with a custom shopping cart. It has a whole backend but there is still changes and additions to be added the following has to be done ASAP.

  1. Would like to change the payment processor from to Paypal pro.

  2. 90% of my sales are from Canada and since the Canadian dollar is so low its hurting the business. Need the Canadian IP’s to have the prices in CAD and go to a Canadian Paypalpro account. If the price is $300 USD the price in Canada will be $300 CAD. I think Maxmind will be needed to detect the IPs.

I have a Fashion Line with only a few products.

Should I just switch to a Joolma site now so its cheaper and easier to have someone work on it? I want be able to add things like shooping cart abandoment.


Yes…Custom cart should be avoided…as the development team does not provide with regular updates and necessary plugins that can used in the future. for Ecommerce there is Magento. it is a robust and versatile shopping cart and has a huge developer base. You have a lot of settings that you can change to suit your requirements. We work on Magento and have found it to be extremely great shopping cart.

Joomla is not an Ecommerce Software. You have install Virtuemart or any other ecommerce software on it. But they are not as good.

The cheapest option is Wordpress + Woocommerce. it is a called “poort man’s shopping cart”… it is small and easy to use but lack stability and features.

There are others also…like Prestashop and Opencart but we have not used it.

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