Please get rid of these types of postings

Link: This Week in .NET - 14 December, 2015

Please get rid of these as they trash up the forum and make it difficult to tell the questions from anything else.

If you don’t like .NET go to your Preferences, in the Mute Category section, type .NET, select it from the drop down and it won’t bother you anymore. Unfortunately, those topics get plenty of views and thus seem to be worthwhile to several members.

Sorry if .NET isn’t your thing, but it is for others.

That isn’t what I was saying.
The problem is that they should be put in THEIR own category vs. having them mixed with the questions.

Oh, I get it now, you’re the “editor” of those. Too bad that this stupid excuse for a forum doesn’t have sub-categories.

They are posted in the category where they are revelant, much like the JavaScript category has them in its category.

I don’t get this at all, sub-categories wouldn’t help. Plus there are many statistics that show sub-categories are actually less beneficial to the majority of users than a straight heirarchy. So …

Thank you for your opinion. Sorry you dislike those, or find them somehow hard to differentiate from actual questions. But it is just an opinion among many and as @cpradio says people find them useful.

In what way does this trash up the forum? It goes along perfectly with the spirit of Sitepoint Forums, and is a very welcomed addition.

AFAIK they are all titled “This Week in” so it should be fairly easy to ignore them if you’re not interested in them.

Also, I believe they all have a “dotnetweekly” tag.

You could try Muting the Tag i.e. go to
and select “Muted”

That should at least stop you getting Notifications even if it doesn’t remove them from topic lists.

If that doesn’t work as well as you would like try your best to ignore them unless you’re curious about new resources, recent developments, etc and want to discuss an item in the topic.

If you’re looking for unanswered .NET topics, you can append ?max_posts=1 eg.

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Our aim is to have a range of content here to cater to various interests—from questions relating to specific coding issues to discussions about all things “Web”. Something for everyone. :slight_smile:


If you had an ANNOUNCEMENTS sub-category, that would be the most LOGICAL place to put those because they aren’t “questions”.

Why should a forum be limited to just questions? Why can’t it include discussions of interesting topics?

I’m sorry if I hit a nerve here. It’s just that I came on once and saw like 20 of those posts and it made it hard to “filter” out the questions.

Please delete this topic as I’m done.

There’s only one per week, so I guess that means we don’t get many .NET questions.

[quote=“MrBaseball34, post:12, topic:210056”]
Please delete this topic as I’m done.
[/quote]Surely you’ve been around long enough to know we don’t delete topics. It may be helpful to others - especially @Mittineague advice on how to “mute” tags.

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