Please fix forum for iPad/iPhone users!?

I posted this bug in forum problems or whatever it was a while back but it still has not been fixed. So I’ll try this one. On iPad/iPhone the advanced search box flows over “quick links”. Therefore I cannot click on quick links and view today’s newest posts. And instead have to go forum by forum. It’s a nuisance. If whomever is in charge of such things can’t do it then hand me the keys ill fix it.

This annoys me, too.

Odd, doesnt do it on my iPhone…

Just to be a little more exact:

I have an iPad 2 (yay!)
When I am logged in, “Quick Links”, “Advanced Search”, “Unanswered Threads” and the search box all overlap each other.
“Unanswered Threads” is completely hidden by the search box.
“Quick Links” is visible, but unselectable (try as you might, you always hit “Advanced Search”).

I didn’t check on my iPhone but could if it would help (I’d have to set up DropBox or something as my SP password is ridiculously long and I don’t fancy typing it in by hand).

This issue has been logged for a long time, but there always seems to be some impediment to getting it addressed. Personally, in the mean time, on my desktop browser I just use my own style sheet to correct it. On mobile, I use the Tapatalk app instead, which makes for much nicer forum viewing.

I wonder if you can create your own style sheets for iPad/iPhone. I doubt it, but will check it out …

Does taptalk have daily recent posts link? I have a real aversion to paying for apps. I’ll hold out for years until it goes up for free for the day. I also always choose the desktop version of a site if I have a choice. The mobile version of sites always feels unfamiliar, limited, and cold to me.

It has options like viewing all the latest posts, only unread threads, and threads you’ve participated in that have new content. Pretty good when you are on the go, but certainly more limited that the full forum experience.

I know this is an interim patch rather than a solution, but have you tried using the “What’s new” link on the main menu? It shows all unread posts rather than just those from today, but starts with the newest so that’s not a big problem.

A simple 2 second bandaid fix would be to give quick links position relative z-index 99. That would most likely at least make it clickable in its current position and still enable search function.

Yep I was right - just tested it - that fixes it and keeps the search function in place.

I dont get it? Whats the point of this Forum Section if something as simple as this cant get addressed. I understand, your busy, preoccupied, or don’t care? No problem, but if so don’t give false hope by having this Forum Section in place - mine as well remove the section then. My two cents. Or maybe I am just not a procrastinator and ones that are drive me crazy.

And while I’m at it. Can you for the love of god give your divs up top a min-height please. Every page load trying to click on a link is like a game. Every half a second the page jumps down an inch as another JS insert loads. min-height another easy one.

#1: It’s not the people who are responding to this thread who make the changes. Those people have more than the forums on their plate. So before you go insinuating that we don’t care, at least consider that.
#2: How do you know the height of an ad before it’s loaded?

I just have ads hidden altogether in my user style sheet, and ads don’t appear at all on the app.

We will try to address the styling issues, though. They’ve been on the cards for a long time, but held up for one reason or another.

Thanks Stevie that helps a little. :slight_smile:

#1 I’m aware of that. My frustration is not directed at forum peeps. But at those responsible for the coding of the site.

#2 you are incorrect. It’s easily fixable