Playing html5 video across various mobile devices

Our website can play videos on all browsers: IE 6+, FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera. We use html5 video (mp4/ogg) with flash fallback for older IE versions. But the videos won’t play on mobile devices (iOS/Android). The site is 100% html5 valid.
We tried to encode the videos in many different ways: bit rates ranging from 700kbs-1500kbps, 25fps/30fps… they just won’t play on the mobile devices.
Also tried the debug console on the iPad but shows no errors and therefor no clues as to what we are doing wrong. Any Ideas??
Thanks :confused:

Can you say a bit more about the mp4 format? How did you get it into that format, and what mime types are you using? Could you pot your code, or a link?

Hi Ralph,
Sorry, I forgot to mention that we use H.264 encoding and a “video/mp4” mime type.
I’m preparing a small test page with nothing but the video and will post it soon.

Cool, that will be good. By the sounds of it, this should be working, so there should be a simple enough solution. :slight_smile:

Ok, i will make the test page if need be, for now here is the original page on the development site: Video Page.

It’s not just a case of encoding to h.264, the encoding parameters need to fall within within the limitations of what mobile devices can decode:
There are limitations in bitrate, resolution, frame rate and (most likely) profile and level (which for wide ranging compatibility need to be ‘baseline’ and and maximum of ‘level 3.0’

Hi EastCoast,
Sorry for taking so long, it’s been a busy week :slight_smile:
Can you recommend some conversion tools where I can set the profile and level values.
I use “Any Video Converter” and I don’t see these settings anywhere. Funny thing is they have a lot of presets there and I used the “Apple iPad” one (See here) and it still won’t work…