Playing a movie/DVD on a website

I’m trying to play a movie (ripped from a DVD using handbreak to mp4 format, then using Miro to convert to webm) on a website - it works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but IE6-IE9 just displays a black screen.

I’m using video.js but the Flash fallback was not activating, I believe this is because it was trying to view the external .swf file which I’ve now hosted locally (it’s on https) but I still cannot get the video to run in IE:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, unfortunately they have said they don’t want the video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo… I’ve found a few solutions but they are not free for commercial use, or have huge watermarks.


Since this is about the technical aspects, I’m going to move this over to a different section where it’s likely to get you more help.

Thanks sam, for what it’s worth I’ve got it working now using video.js :slight_smile:

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Are you providing anything but webm? AFAIK, IE don’t play that.