Platform to broadcast all social media sites

Is there any platform which can broadcast to all social media websites.
Actualy i am looking for an extension where i will put a news on my website and my news would be broadcast to all social media website.
if its not available in the market. Please let me know if anybody can do it, i can pay for that.

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and similar programs can post to multiple social channels. Nothing does them all as there’s so many potential networks and only some expose a public API but it’s a good start.

However I would strongly urge you to avoid posting the identical message across all channels. Not only is this a bad practice for your community [why would someone follow you on more than one for the same stuff] but each is so different that to go to the lowest common denominator is a major setback. Remember, social is not a broadcast medium… you need to be interacting and management tools are designed to help you do that first and foremost.