Planning small but bi-lingual website - seeking specific advice

I am project planning a small, bilingual website to be based on one of these CMS’ (Joomla, Drupal, EE).

Which CMS is preferred (given the bilingual requirement), if any?
Do you use a subdomain for second language?
Did you hire a translator and if so, what did you learn from that?

Thanks in advance!

Generally, I’ve done languages in a separate folder like and

I usually reserve subdomains for specific things like or or

The thing learned about translations is 1) hire a good translator because 2) dialects can be tricky and, in some cases, turn away people with other dialects (especially in Spanish) and 3) it can get really expensive and time-consuming.

I can’t speak to the CMS, since I usually build my own. For something small, I would recommend a pre-built CMS - don’t build your own. However, some certainly are overkill.

Best of luck!