Plague of Bad Project Management

Is it just me or does bad project management plague the web development industry? From my experience Project Manager education is seriously lacking. Normally companies seem to hire or promote designers or developers as Project Managers and they are normally the bad fruits. I guess Project Management is like HTML or CSS, everyone thinks they can do it?

I’m tired of seeing project managers my age or younger (25), they need to be old and wise. Fresh out of university doesn’t mean you know it all.

Okay, I’ve had a lot of bad experience with Project Managers and have been offered to be one myself a couple of times. Good project management is essential in this day and age with so many different skill sets coming together. Is it just my experience or is it a world wide issue?

I don’t think so. I’ve worked with some excellent project managers on Web projects.

I’ve run into a couple of larger Indian firms where the project manager was not properly organizing the information, and really it was the programmer who in the end understood most clearly through direct communication. I ran into a couple of different cases like this with Indian companies. I’m sure there are some good ones in India, but I didn’t have good luck there personally. This was a while ago when we were short handed.

I think maybe sometimes it is matching the skills of the company with the customer. If the company is lacking in an area that is important to the customer, it can make the company look bad.

Certainly bad project management abounds in the web industry, but it is common in most other industries, too :slight_smile:

Ditto what Sagewing said.

Bad project management is rampant throughout all industries, I surmise that it might be a little more common in web dev because it’s a younger field with more nebulous benchmarks than say construction.