Placing box of text like an image

OK - here’s the problem … a large old site I maintain is essentially html all thru - although I have over time applied quite a lot of css. However, the standard page ‘‘container’’ is a table cell used for content - no div container.

It is easy on any page to float an image where needed within text but - this old guy’s memory must be failing because I cannot right now thing of my best way forward to insert a box of text that will behave as if it were just a floated image.!

I do not want to resort to absolute positioning as this is IMO unreliable from a cross browser POV. Should I use a dedicated div approach so as to contain a text box or even iframe? - end result required is having a box sit where I want, the same as if it was just an image, floated left or right with necessary margins. This is also very much a one of requirement and so the wish is to deal just with the page in question and inline styling.

Senility is a real trial!! Help this old guy out - this seems to be a gap in my css memory.

I’m not sure if I understand you, if you want text next to an image do something like this?


The <img> floated and the <p> non floated (if you want the text ot wrap under the image that is :))

I would be tempted to enclose the required text within a DIV and set a width using style. If the containing TABLE TD block has a specified width you can make your DIV width smaller and float your box.

If the TABLE TD has no width then set your DIV to a percentage value.

For debugging purposes set a border around your DIV.


Thx both - not sure I described the problem clearly enough tho I think John has got the drift. This is probably what I was thinking of and I will when time experiment again.

The table is fixed width so does sound like a specified div width should work. I’ll report back later and thx again.