Placing a card in a certain position on another page

Hi there. I haven’t used CSS or Html in years so sorry if this sounds too basic. I am trying to copy this object from one page to another.

I’m trying to put the card where the map is on the contact page. Do I use an align tag or alter something else?


What do you mean by “put the card where the map is on the contact page”? You want the entire contact form to be the same size an position as the map, covering it up?

I am a bit confused.

Sorry about that. I want to delete the map and put the card where the map was. When I try to put it there it messes up the whole page so I was hoping someone would know a better way of doing it.

I’m wanting it to look like this

That’s been copied from a WordPress page. Are you using WordPress, @mikem60477?

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that (unless you were dropping into a predefined structure that already has the layout you required in place). :slight_smile:

Presently your page is broken anyway as you have absolutely placed the form which means it overlaps your map on my screen.

You can indeed replicate that broken effect with your ‘card’ by removing the contact div and the iframe html and posting your card html instead. Then you would remove the offset classes from that html and perhaps set a width on the main col wrapper.

e.g.(See the code from devtools)

However that will break as soon as the screen is resized so is not a viable option.

Indeed your centred form makes it almost impossible to have content either side of it while it is absolutely placed. You would probably need to have a 3 column page with the left column containing your card and then the middle column containing your ‘static’ form and the right column blank and just holding the space open. Ultimately its a flawed concept.

I would just stick your card in the middle on top of the form and not absolutely place the form.

The main problem is that all of the above requires quite a good knowledge of html and CSS and a knowledge of the classes that your ‘framework’ is using.

Sorry I can’t give a simpler fix but the current structure doesn’t really allow it.

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No I see no references to Wordpress in the site I got it from and I am just using Css/Html.

Thanks Paul. I might just get rid of the contact form and use a simpler one. Thanks for all the feedback. :slight_smile:

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That’s odd. When I follow your links, I don’t see anything remotely like Paul’s screenshot, and if I view source, it definitely shows WP links.sdesole

Oh well - as long as you’ve got some useful assistance, that’s the main thing. smile

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