Places for startups and new sites


is anyone here aware of places in the Internet where you can show off your new website or startup? I guess every site has troubles to get some initial interest so such places would be a great help :).


you can try presenting this with and if it is good anough for them and you can try getting a article done about your site…


You have landed in right plan, forums and blog are the best places. there will review section for you to post, get inputs from them.

Also other services like crunchbase should help you register your company in there company databases

Thank you! I applied for but I guess now I have to wait for the verification. Is the article written by me or by them? I will check crunchbase now.

Thanks for that info and I am definitely waiting for more :).

What do you mean by this? What have you applied to Its a famous and one of the top 10 technical blogs, which posts articles on technical gadgets, softwares, apps, tools, etc.

I dont believe they have guest post option too. Then how come you can apply for techcrunch?

I confused it with technorati ;). I applied for technorati not techcrunch - sorry for the confusion.


You can create free blogs with such free blog engines. Technorati is one of that and there are several others. You will have to post your own article fulfilling all their rules and regulations. Once they approve it, your post would go live on their domain either as or

What are others services like technorati that you find useful to use?

There are many promotion forums which help you promote sites and forums and infact also help you to bring more traffic…but no spam is tolerated there…ill pm u if you want a list of promotion forums.