Place the label on the image

Dear All,
I have a page here My only if you notice the word tyre on the first left image is on top but I rather prefer it to be to on the image and centered. Any idea how to achieve that? And also the image should be align with the image on the right.

I’m sure it’s doable, but why not just use one big image and give an appropriate description for those who can’t see it. What’s the rationale for breaking this image into bits?

Dear Ralph,
The reason for breaking it is because it will be dynamically built from the db values via php. Then later I am going to link some operation to it like drag n drop, swapping etc. So how can I over come the labelling problem.

Dear Ralph,
I have done something here The text appear now but both images are no more in one line but in separate line. How bring them into same line and make sure the T-join have no space because earlier I use this vertical-align: bottom;