Pixel perfect layout on the browser?

Does anyone know of any tuts or tools used for making a pixel perfect layout?
I’m struggling to get one done and the stress is killing me.

Hi there gschudel,

if, as seems to be the case, your coding skills
are very basic, then the best way to get a pixel
perfect layout would be to not to use any CSS
for it at all . :winky:

HTML is pixel perfect and fits well on all devices,
and, if it is semantically structured, looks rather
pleasing to the eye. :sunglasses:

It is invariably “tuts or tools” that mar the visual
effects of the document, due the “arty-farty”
inclinations of many of their perpetrators. :wonky:


Can you define exactly what you mean by “pixel perfect layout”?

If I interpret it correctly, I believe this is folly in web design today and should be let go. Concentrate on making a layout that just works.


The problem with trying to create a pixel-perfect layout is that you can only create it for your own machine. You have no control over the screen size/resolution, default font size, etc. of your visitors. So even if you succeed in creating what appears to you to be a pixel–perfect layout, there’s no guarantee others will see it like that, and every possibility it will appear “broken” to them; that kind of rigid design is generally very fragile.

I would strongly urge you to reconsider, and go instead for a fluid/responsive site that can adapt to accommodate different viewing conditions.


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