Pinterest for Ecommerce Sites

im quite intertested to know if pinterst is worth doing from an ecommerce site. has anyone had good results from it ?

Yes, yes and yes. Well, maybe.

Pinterest has been cited as driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined [linky] and while that doesn’t mean all sales, the correlation is huge – people aren’t there to discuss their friday night, they’re looking at products, recipes, places, etc.

However some businesses will do better than others, mainly those with products that fit the pinterest user either being unique / highly visual or otherwise share worthy to the typical pinterest user.

And of course when we say “doing pinterest” or participating you have to define what that means. If you’re considering just making a board and pinning your own offers stop now. That’s probably not going to drive much success. However making it easy for people to pin your content and / or getting involved as an active participant [i.e. creating some boards of your best and engaging with other relevant pins] does make great business sense. Remember social, whether it’s facebook or a pin is about creating that mutual story… you never want to be in a position of just broadcasting out nor can you make something be popular just because – there’s got to be a hook and 9 out of 10 times that’s excitement for the item.

I’ve been seeing articles about Pinterest all over the internet. They just approved me there yesterday… Pinning images is a really good experience. But what confuse me is how Pinterest drive traffic to the site?

Pinterest is driving massive amounts of traffic and if you are in e-commerce in any way then it is worth exploring. There was some, what I would consider, negative press about it two or three weeks ago about some changes in the URL directs. But, if you explore it I think you will find that there are solutions to this issue and you don’t want to miss the wave of traffic this mechanism is generating.

Does anyone have any tutorials on how to effectively use Pinterest? I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately and am thinking of joining as well.

Totally agree, I also had my account at Pinterest.
I also read some articles and I also notice that there are a lot of women/girls over Pinterest, this is the hot topic I usually browse over the internet, the Question is why?

I think this one is worth reading about Pinterest, I just wanna share.


That’s a very long and complicated question but a fascinating subject to which I don’t suspect there will ever be a single answer.

My theory is that this is a function of how genders interact socially and seen in how the internet was born.

Online community has historically been interactions like this forum – long form and while one post often agrees with another, it’s usually some sort of debate over a topic with everyone vying to assert their value. This creates a large burden to step in and really minimizes the opportunity for direct expression: something has to be worth a lot to you to warrant even a half paragraph post. As a result most communities have focused on lengthy, ongoing items – how to build a website, what headphones are best, etc. That approach was by and large male dominated.

Enter the age of social networks. Twitter brought things down to 140 characters and we saw whole new worlds of discussion open up… celebs, fashion, entertainment get the lime light but it’s just as much quips on politics and society as that. Facebook came from a different approach with the like - a microinteraction that lets you associate without needing to write anything. Just like gaming has exploded with woman opting into social games, networks changed the community mix to their favor too.

Out of that comes pinterest: a network where the item is the expression rather than an argument behind it. It’s really quite logical when you think about it, by sharing something with perhaps a few words you explain your identity, you find people not because they’re your best friend but because they have a similar interest as you. It’s communal and thus highly attached to categories woman tend to dominate like style, home, food but again it’s much more than just those type casts. At the same time you remove the element of the negative which builds a stronger sense of communal participation – you don’t thumbs down or debate a pin, you share what you like and identify, explore, interact off of it.

I realize this may come off as well, biased, but we have to realize that humans do behave differently and it can be on gender lines, education lines, or just personal interests so while no role is absolute, certain realities do exist by and large which is why society will be more or less the same tomorrow as it is today [not always a good thing either]. Pinterest is an expression site based on a more collaborative, more visual desire that tends to live with woman rather than men but what’s shared and what’s said about it, that’s as wide as what the users want it to be.

Of course as a guy I’m talking off of observation, a few years education on social behavior and my own biases so take it for what it’s worth.

Yes, of course it’s much important for eCommerce websites, but better for shopping category.

Before two days only I started to use Pinterest within that I am getting many followers. I think it will suit for any kind of website.

When it comes to marketing a e-commerce website, Pinterest is the best option. The description of your picture should be interesting that attract more and more people. Although, there are lots of user, as I have seen, the are using Pinterest just for fun. However, most people don’t add the links of the image after uploading. Follow people who might like your products and may purchase them.

Pinterest for sure would be of great use for eCommerce promotion. However, there is another high trending website which poses a direct competition to pinterest. I am talking about . The cool thing with this site is that, you can actually sell products there. The unique feature there is, people already would have asked for a product availability which you can claim and sell. The site is pretty cool. You can read more info about that site here

I agree Pinterest is a great way to promote your products or services. Most people are looking for ideas and products that suits there needs in Pinterest.
According to studies, Pinterest helps to drive traffic to sites.