Pinnacle cart

Hi, Any body used pinnacle cart which is php based. How to be a member of pinnacle forum. Is that a private forum? Anybody has any info. thanks.

Anybody? Any info?

You would probably be better posting in the ecommerce section and why not try the forum? I did and can browse some of it but most is restricted to members.

Thread moved to e-commerce. (And please don’t bump your threads.)


I didn’t try to bump actually. Thanks for directing me to the right forum.

Yes rubble i can access their forum but i can not even see any thread/post, their signup is not the usual like other forum. They are asking a number. I don’t have any number, as a result i didn’t able to be a member of pinnacle forum. Though i contact them they didn’t respond. Is that forum only belongs to them only who own a pinnacle shopping cart? Any idea? Thanks.

The forum/topics are for clients, once your account is active you can see what little is there…Pinnacle Staff has never visited the forum since I’ve been there.