PIN based on the Net?

Anybody ever heard of a device that allows those shopping on the internet
to swipe their card, and enter their debit card PIN on a small device that
connects to your computer via USB when making purchases?

Wouldn’t this require software to talk to the website?
Never heard of this before. It’s supposed to be more
secure for the shopper

Your PIN number associated with your
debit card is not constantly changing

There are three pins which is changing constantly…

Hey, I found it at

It would be a massive inconvenience to the user and would definitely repel customers.

Imagine seeing a product that you had to first get a card swiper to buy. You would go to a compeditor, or maybe just not bother.

Peripherals are also buggable, for example a virus can read your keypresses - imagine if it could read every detail on your debit card!

It’s going to have to be encrypted to comply with banking regulations,
so it’s unlikely to get hacked, especially if the encryption keys are being
changed constantly.

The banking industry is already pushing pin based transactions as being
more secure, so this may be a good idea as more people become concerned
about the security of shopping on the net.

Obviously, the device would have to be very low cost which shouldn’t
be hard to do considering the fine folks in China work so cheap.

Not really relevent when it’s simple to send your credit card details online.

My numerous online store accounts, and paypal, involved a simple one-time card registration and I haven’t had to worry about it since.

I really don’t think it’s that much of an issue; and there would definitely be ways to manipulate such a system.

I know here in the US. Federal Regulations call for banks to put funds back in my
account if they are un-authorized charges regardless of how the info was obtained
(online, or otherwise), which is why I don’t mind shopping online

So, you believe there is no future for pin based transactions
on the internet?

I’m thinking some people would go for it simply because
pin based is a little more secure that standard credit card
charges that require no pin