Pigeon algorithm،How does it work?

how pigeon algorithm google Recognize my web country?
i want my web show in usa and Europe.
do i buy my host from erope and usa? or only my web should English language?
Thank you

In Google Search Console, you can set geographic targeting for your site. This only applies if you are using a generic TLD, such as .com or .net. If you have a country-specific domain, Google will assume you to be targeting that country.

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What is the generic TLD?
for example my domain is .com.Do i need set geographic targeting for my site in google search console?
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That’s what I mean. A generic TLD is one like .com or .net that doesn’t apply to a specific country. If you are targeting a particular country, then you need to set it; if you want to target everywhere, then you don’t need to do anything.

A .co.uk domain is assumed to be targeting the UK; .ca is expected to be targeting Canada, etc.

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Read her whole post as she gave you examples.

.com and .net are generic TLDs (Top Level Domains). .scot, .us, .uk, .fr, .jp are examples of region specific tlds.




if I want to target everywhere, then I don’t need to do anything. So, what is duty ==> google Pigeon algorithm?

this is my last question!
“if I want to target everywhere, then I don’t need to do anything. So, what is duty ==> google Pigeon algorithm?”
Thank you.

You don’t do anything. If your location is “local”, it’ll get a slightly higher result. Not much, but a slightly higher result.

Honestly, this update (which is over two years old at this point in time) was targeted more towards brick and mortar locations where they have a local presence. It’s not intended for virtual sites to tweak their results.


Maybe this could be helpful:

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Google’s help page for international targeting might also be useful: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/62399?hl=en

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