Picture Probems

Hi All,

I’m working towards making my own CMS system. I have downloaded and implemented MCEImageManager into my TinyMCE editor - and I’m happy with that side of things - near enough.

However, here is my problem all of my pages are sent to a database these are then projected on the front of the website, the text shows fine, however when I try and look at the images I get a 404 or they do not display properly.

I want the MCEImageManager to use the same directory as the pages, however the URLS are different/. The admin system inserts the following:


For the admin backend this is fine and the image displays. However at the front end of the website this is not the case as the URL should read:


Do any of you have any ideas how to get this to work?? I’m baffled at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated.

You’ll need to modify tinymce/plugins/imagemanager/config.php:

$mcImageManagerConfig['preview.urlprefix'] = 'http://www.domain.com/wedding_services/';
$mcImageManagerConfig['filesystem.rootpath'] = '/absolute_path_to/wedding_services';

I’ve been using TinyMCE’s jQuery plugin, but that shouldn’t matter.
The important settings are remove_script_host, convert_urls, relative_url and document_base_url.

			script_url: '/lib/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js',
			theme: 'advanced',
			plugins: "safari,spellchecker,pagebreak,style,layer,table,save,advhr,advimage,advlink,emotions,iespell,inlinepopups,insertdatetime,preview,media,searchreplace,print,contextmenu,paste,directionality,fullscreen,noneditable,visualchars,nonbreaking,xhtmlxtras,template,imagemanager,filemanager",
			theme_advanced_buttons1: "save,|,bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,|,styleselect,formatselect,fontsizeselect,|,insertfile,insertimage",
			theme_advanced_buttons2: "cut,copy,paste,pastetext,pasteword,|,search,replace,|,bullist,numlist,|,outdent,indent,blockquote,|,undo,redo,|,link,unlink,anchor,image,cleanup,code",
			theme_advanced_buttons3: "",
			theme_advanced_buttons4: "",
			theme_advanced_toolbar_location: "top",
			theme_advanced_toolbar_align: "left",
			theme_advanced_statusbar_location: "bottom",
			theme_advanced_resizing: true,
			remove_script_host: false,
			convert_urls: false,
			relative_urls: false,
			document_base_url: "http://www.domain.com/"