Phpmyadmin gone

Some days ago phpmyadmin works fine in my new server.

But today, as I open localhost/phpmyadmin/, it says “Requested was URL not found on this server.”.
I tried to reinstall phpmyadmin but it says “newest version of phpmyadmin is already installed.”

I remember I tried to change the URL phpMyadmin to myOwnURl Some days ago, but failed.
I surely know what was myOwnURL.

but today phpmyadmin doesn’t open with both URLs of phpMyAdmin which is default and myOwn.
Can I find how I can open it with your help?

If not, I have to reinstall xubuntu, apache, and so forth.

Try removing and then reinstall:

sudo apt remove phpmyadmin-version


sudo apt purge phpmyadmin-version

Thank you, John_Betong

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