Phpmyadmin - enable designer

Dear All,

I would like to try phpMyAdmin’s designer mode to get a graphical view of my database and its relationships.

I see several tutorials out there explaining how this can be invoked.

The first step in each case being to update the file phpMyAdmin/libraries/config.default.php

At the top of this file in my installation of phpmyadmin under AMPPS it states that this file should not be updated. The file phpMyAdmin/ should
be used instead.

Looking at phpMyAdmins wiki it states that is used to override the defaults set out in config.default.php

So I didn’t want to launch into this without taking a second look. Are the tutorials specifying that config.default.php must be updated because the subsequent
scripts use this as opposed to Does it matter which config file is updated?

Many thanks in anticipation of your feedback.