PHPMyAdmin - Does it Log All Actions? If so, where?

I have a couple users on my PHPMyAdmin and, just to easily correct mistakes and changes to table inserts, I was wondering if PHPMyAdmin kept a log file that shows all the actions of a user/person using the program.

Is there such a thing and, if so, where is the file at?

So, if I modify a column in a particular row of a particular table, does PHPMyAdmin log that somwhere for me to check back on?

Any feedback appreciated.


There isn’t a way to get phpma to log every action by default, it could potentially generate a huge log on some servers, equally it could miss a lot of changes done via other means.

However, it is possible to log all queries done by the SQL server itself -

I’ve thought of that, but I think that log file would be huge (we had to shut off most logging due to the task on system resources). We get millions of queries per day. I would be terrified to activate that.

I really just want to track changes made directly through PHPMyAdmin.


The only way I can think of would be to write a function that would log any executed SQL query to a log file and then alter the code for php so that whenever it runs a query it calls that function. You may need to add calls to that function depending on where phpmyadmin runs queries.

That would be my thought too, but you’d have to write it in such a way that it’d be easy to add in again each time phpmyadmin got an update - running old versions of software like that is a potential security risk.

Just flicking through the PHPMyAdmin code, it seems like queries are done via a method called PMA_DBI_query() though I’ve not yet found in which file and where that method is defined

It shouldn’t be too hard to modify the code - but its just a pain to manage and maintain with upgrades to phpma.