phpMyAdmin: configuring the table used to add new fields

When one is adding new fields to a database table, phpMyAdmin presents a table showing all the details of the field (name, type, length/values, collation, etc.), and one types in the required information. In previous versions of phpMyAdmin these details have been displayed vertically, with the inputs on the right of each. I’ve now got version 3.5.1, and find that this entry table displays in a floating window with the headings horizontally and inputs below, and I have to scroll sideways to see all the fields. Very tedious, particularly when adding several fields at one time.

I have spent a long time looking through the configuration files and documentation to see if I can discover how to configure this table to display vertically, but I can’t see which parameter(s) to edit (if any).

Can anyone help, please ?

ever thought of using a different front end app besides phpmyadmin?

No. What do you have in mind ?

phpMyadmin works perfectly well for me, my problem is the configuring. It’s obvious one can tweak many of the settings extensively, but I find the list of parameters somewhat daunting, and their descriptions too cryptic. No doubt fine for the programs authors, less so for users.