phpMailer source?

Who is the creator of phpMailer?

And what is a safe source to download it from?

I was expecting a WikiPedia page and some other basic details when I Google it.

It is not clear to me what is safe and legitimate source…

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Are you trying to tell me that I should go to :slight_smile:

I’m not very good at subtlety :frowning:

Might want to hold off on the job over at the United Nations… :wink:

I saw the site before posting, but it confused me…

Why is an open-source app located on a .com site?

Isn’t worxware a publisher of IT books or something?

Is phpMailer truly open-source, or is there some licensing gotcha?

Well it talks about the github action going on on their homepage

Sorry to be so helpless, but I can’t figure out how to install phpMailer ont my MacBook!!

I went here…

Then here…

And then when I clicked on class.phpmailer.php, I see like a Text Edit thing, but I can’t select all of the text.

Why isn’t there just a way to down the two files I need?? :angry:

You will need to use git or just download via zip to the right on the github page. If you’re not familiar with git and/or source control in general it is probably good idea to begin learning it now. Havin tsaid that I would recommend using Swift Mailer over PHPMailer due to the person who is responsible for managing it (Symfony 2 Creator) and the docs in general.


Or visit the releases section on GitHub

So please enlighten me on what Git is… (I have heard the name but have no clue what it is - other than it is some other site that insists I register!!) :smirk:

What does that mean?

So just click on the .zip file link for v5.2.8 and I should be okay?

if that’s the version you want and you don’t want tar.gz, yes

Only if you want your own repo and / or do pull requests

I don’t know what that means either.

So what is Github and why should I want to join it like @oddz says?

BTW, as far as installation goes…

I have a directory called “outside_root” that I wanted to put phpMailer into.

If I just paste these two scripts should I have everything I need to use phpMailer?



(I’m not sure what everything else is inside of the .zip I downloaded.)

repo = short for repository i.e.
a place you can keep your versions of the files if you modify them where others can download your versions.

Pull Request (often shortened to “PR”) if you want to contribute your modifications to someone else’s project. Pending their approval of the changes

It’s the “give” part of open source

Swift Mailer source is managed by the creator of Symfony 2 and everything his team releases is high quality code with well written documentation. Source control is a huge topic in general than an entire book can easily be written on. To that end you should start familiarizing yourself with source control, git, composer, etc because these are the common tools which PHP developers use in the modern era to share code. Just downloading a zip file has several major disadvantages when developing applications. Not to mention there are many times you might come across a bug that needs to be fixed with open source code. If you fix it it is nice to know enough about source control to at least attempt to contribute the fix back to the community via pull request.

Well, @oddz, if I ever get to my New Year’s Resolution this year, i.e learning MVC and maybe OOP, then I’ll likely start using these other things you mention!

Time will tell… :sunglasses:

@Mittineague, @oddz,

Can someone please verify if this is correct?

Why not do a test run?