PHPMailer and Composer issue

Hi. I have a question regarding the following things:

  1. If I use PHPMailer, which is installed using composer and with xampp (lampp), everything works, but as soon as it is necessary to host the website in for test purposes, a problem arises that composer is connected and it cannot be used in all hosting services.

1.1 Are there any alternatives that can be used to be able to request and receive this required 4-digit code and not have to use composer? I am currently using the Outlook mail server and everything is working.

Or maybe you can recommend where it would be better to host php websites?

Hi @preizeinguna,

I have moved this post out of your HTML/CSS thread into the PHP category. Some members may only visit specific categories on this forum rather than general web dev topics, so I think you are more likely to get the assistance you need with it here.

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If you can’t run composer on your web host you need to run composer install locally and then upload all resulting files, including the vendor folder. That should work just fine.

What 4-digit code? As far as I know composer and PHPMailer don’t do anything with 4 digit codes.

So do you have a problem or don’t you have a problem? :thinking:

Sorry, I hadn’t looked at the e-mail. I have the composer loaded locally and the necessary files loaded where I host, but it still doesn’t work.

Did you configure php mailer to use the credentials of your host? If you don’t know what those are you should ask your host.

I have configure php mailer but i use outlook SMTP server for this

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