Phpinfo() - what are local and master columns?

A very basic question I’m sure:

When using phpinfo(), what do the local and master columns refer to?

e.g. when checking the setting for register_globals, if the setting reported by phpinfo() is “local value: ON” and master value: “OFF”, does that mean register_globals are enabled on that server or not?

or does it need to be local: OFF/master: OFF to be OFF?

Here’s a quote from a user comment on

And yes, Local Value in phpinfo does mean ‘changed between the php.ini file and here’, as you would think.
To disable register_globals, both the local and master values should be set to OFF.

If I’m mistaken about how this works, don’t hesitate to tell me I’m wrong. :wink:

Thanks for the reply.

So, “local” means the value in the php.ini file on the server?

What does “Master” mean?

The master value is the value set in php.ini, while the local value can be a different value (specified in a .htaccess file or with ini_set).

Oh I see!

Thanks for the clear explanation, Erik.

I haven’t been able to find info that direct and simple online despite much Googling.