I’m trying to build a “Community” for my website and am not sure where to go. Right now, im thinking phpBB cause its pretty simple to set up, the only thing is I really dont know how to integrate it with wordpress (can I put it inside a page, to integrate it?
I also found the plugin, bbPress and can I integrate that into wordpress (like in the page above?


I installed a blank forum on my site,
And I was wondering how to integrate it into WP so I created a community page
and want to place that forum inside it, how do I do this?


Below are four plugins which I found for wordpress, I’ve never tried any of them so can speak for how good or bad they are but between them they’ll probably do most of what your looking for

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Possibly try bbPress as it is written for Wordpress by the Wordpress team. Another option would be to try [URL=“”]BuddyPress which is slightly different but also focussed on creating a community around a website. If you aren’t familiar with Wordpress I would suggest sticking to well supported plugins as they will have good forums to get help from if you strike issues.

I installed SMF on my server,\
and would like to integrate it into my wordpress page,
But don’t understand where to put the snippets.

<?php pixopoint_theme_integrator( ‘start’, ‘1’ ); ?>


<?php pixopoint_theme_integrator( ‘end’, ‘1’ ); ?>

Do I put it in the template file I set as that pages Attribute or what?

Im new to this and the installation guide is a little hazy…

Any help?


I’d try the support at pixopoint first. If you are using their product then I’d expect they run into install and set up issues all the time. They have a support forum there I see.