phpBB Variables

Hi - sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum.

In phpBB, could someone tell me which files sets the variable:


I want to modify the format by which the date is displayed and for the life of me I can’t find where the variable is set.


There are several files that assign template block variables. modcp.php, viewforum.php, index.php etc. like this

$last_post_time = create_date($board_config['default_dateformat'], $row['post_time'], $board_config['board_timezone']);

			$template->assign_block_vars('topicrow', array(
				'U_VIEW_TOPIC' => $u_view_topic,
				'TOPIC_FOLDER_IMG' => $folder_img, 
				'TOPIC_TYPE' => $topic_type, 
				'TOPIC_TITLE' => $topic_title,
				'REPLIES' => $topic_replies,
				'LAST_POST_TIME' => $last_post_time,
				'TOPIC_ID' => $topic_id, 

Then when the template files (eg. viewforum_body.tpl) are parsed, that value replaces the “{topicrow.LAST_POST_TIME}”

<td class="row3Right" align="center" valign="middle" nowrap="nowrap"><span class="postdetails">{topicrow.LAST_POST_TIME}<br />{topicrow.LAST_POST_AUTHOR} {topicrow.LAST_POST_IMG}</span></td>

If you want to make changes like have
Feb, 19, 2007 to be 2/19/07 instead you should be able to change the format in the config panel of the ACP, which will change the $board_config[‘default_dateformat’] value.

Thanks - I’ve tried using the Admin panel but my changes won’t take - not sure if I have a buggy install of phpBB.

The date format is also set in the individual user’s profile CP (unless you over-ride it).
Check to see what your’s is there too.

Eureka! That’s the ticket.

Thanks Mittineague!

Apologies for coming in on old thread, but the comment above is the exact part of interest - how do you, in phpbb3, over-ride the date format to another date format, and taking away the option in their ucp please ?