phpBB forum issue


I have an issue with an opensource forum i am using, phpBB.

I thought i’d ask the question here instead of phpBB support as i get better answers from you guys! :slight_smile:

Basically what i want to do is change the styles, i.e colours, logos etc, nothing major.

First of all where do i change the styles? I tried changing a few stylesheets in the adm folder but it didnt work, then i found a “Styles” section in the Admin control panel.

When i login to the Admin Control Panel, i have the chance to edit styles (Is this even the right place to change the styles of the forum?), and i change something and click on “Update” but i get an error:


You don’t have permission to access /forum/adm/index.php on this server.

Why is this? I have given 777 permissions to the whole “adm” folder.

Anyway, why do i get this error message? And if this is not where i can change the layout then where do i need to look?

As long as i can get to the stylesheet that targets the website i know what i’m doing from there…

Thanks again