php5isapi.dll issue


just working my way through Ch 1 of Kevin Yank’s book and already I’ve run into problems.
My PHP download did not contain php5isapi.dll.Weird. So, I downloaded the .zip file again and it’s not in there. I then decided to download an earlier release to see if that contained the missing file, but no. Hmm.
So, after a brief search of the net, I downloaded the missing file from and placed it in the correct spot.
When I attempt to run the today.php script at the end of Ch 1, I.E. goes into a loop asking if I want to download, save or cancel.
Any ideas?
I’m using an XP Pro VM and IIS.

The instructions for installing PHP have changed since the book was published, see the book’s erratas page for more info.

Use FastCGI instead, use this guide:

Or use Micosoft’s Web Platform installer to do it for you.

Thanks SpacePhoenix,

I checked out that page and it was helpful for another issue I had, but not for this one. I’m still getting the I.E. loop.

Another side effect of this was IIS having a hissy fit because of the php5isapi.dll file that I downloaded. Obviously there is an issue there so I took it out of the configuration of the default web site. Of course, the windows log files were very helpful (not).

So I’m still stuck, unable to go past Ch 1.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.